James was born in Torquay Hospital and lived in the local area until age nineteen when he went away to University. Growing up he was heavily involved in the local amateur dramatics scene and it was this that informed his choice of career and he chose to study Drama at University in the North of England. James returned to Torbay poorer, wiser and more hungover before spending four summers touring Shakespeare around country houses from Penzance to Perth. After a short career break in the bay he moved to London where he worked in theatres and as a tour guide but also formed his own production company producing plays and award winning short films. After ten years in the cold unfeeling capital James returned to his beloved Devon just in time to avoid a global pandemic and also to see a posting from THR Chairman and former colleague, Lee, looking for new presenters. James decided to channel his late 90’s work experience with Gemini FM and give it a go. Driven by a love of quizzes and useless facts, not to mention music, he is proud to bring his Really Early Late Night Show to the masses