Although I was born in London, I spent the majority of my life living in Scotland in several different locations. I worked as a mechanical designer, developing projects from track selecting record players to anti-terrorist barriers, for important buildings. I am retired now or semi-retired, as I still take on special projects for previous customers. My wife and I have three children, and we moved into Torquay in June 2021, and we are looking forwards to visiting as many places as we can in the future

 I have never managed to learn to play any instruments, but I have always listened to music and have a very eclectic range of musical tastes. I always have some kind of music on whether it is radio, or on my turntable with my vinyl collection.

 Anybody tuning in to my shows will be treated to musicians from Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra to Yola and Ed Sheehan, with all stops in between, although like everyone, I do have my favourites, including, Joni Mitchell, ( my number one go-to ), The Eagles, Sting, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Free, and Sade, and these may feature on a regular basis.

When I am not listening to music, I enjoy a round of golf, a day fishing, either coarse, sea, or salmon and trout, and watching Rugby Union and Cricket.

 This is my first ever attempt at presenting on the radio, and I hope the listeners enjoy the shows as much as I enjoy presenting them.  I can’t wait until we can get back into the hospital wards so that we can hopefully brighten the days of patients and show the staff some appreciation.