I’ve worked in radio and entertainment for just over 7 years now and it’s a real passion of mine. Nothing quite beats the “buzz” of the studio and talking with new people. I co-owned my own DJ and entertainment company and was lucky enough to pick up a few awards over the years. But having a baby, refocused our priorities and we decided to close our business to dedicate all our time and energy on our family.

I’ve lived in Torbay my whole life, my wife and I were both born in Torbay hospital as to was our son George in 2018. We met at school when I was just 15 and she was 13, thankfully pure chance bought us together and Westlands humanity block was the lucky meeting point! I use to play chess, football and basketball for local teams and was lucky enough to play 2 Russian chess grandmasters once (I lost both games!).

I love to travel and experience new cultures, food and music and have been lucky enough to have now visited 36 countries and counting. My top 3 are Canada, Norway and Poland! The most magical sight is seeing the northern lights 4 nights running in the Arctic. Apart from music, history is another passion of mine, in particular World War 2. I spend a lot of my time researching, watching documentaries and visiting sites of significance and remembrance.

By day I am a field service engineer, but have also completed 20 years in management in the retail and local government sectors as well as working at numerous radio stations and for the local newspaper. I love a laugh and a joke as I think it makes you feel better and can often lighten any mood. My dream job would be a commercial airline pilot as I love to fly.

The hospital and it’s staff are close to my heart having not just taken incredible care of us when our boy was born in the worst snow in over a decade to saving my fathers life with the exceptional skill of Torbay’s surgeons. Being a part of a service to patients when they are in poor health and on the mend and also their family and the wider family of all the hospital staff is very rewarding. I hope that I can bring some welcome comfort and companionship to those that need it.