I joined the team at Torbay Hospital Radio in 2016 following my early retirement.

Having always lived in The Bay, I can truly – and proudly – describe myself as 100% Torquinian. Together with my family and friends, I am passionate about spending time by the sea and enjoy all that this very special part of the South West has to offer.

I am a!so a complete music devotee and love visiting our hospital wards, talking to patients about their favourite artists and songs (and their dislikes, too!) which usually results in taking a request for us to play when I return to the studio . Meeting patients on the wards always provokes interesting conversation and they really do appreciate the service our volunteers provide here at THR.

So if you find yourself spending some time in Torbay Hospital, perhaps we’ll get to hear about the music YOU would like to hear when I – or indeed, another member of our dedicated team – visit your ward. You can also contact us at the studio to leave your message. We always aim to play the music YOU want to hear.

In the words of Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards:
“Music never lets your down, puts smile on your face, anytime, any place,”
Everybody Dance by Chic; 1978