The Studio

In the studio there is a computer, two compact disc (CD) players, two mini disc (MD) players, two record decks headphones and three microphones.

These are all connected together using an Alice Soundcraft Series "A" mixing desk, which allows the presenter to decide what goes to air. The output of the mixing desk is what the patients hear at their bedside.

The computer in the studio is the main source of our music. It has songs, jingles and announcements loaded onto it.

The software used on the computer is called Myriad and it allows our presenters to call up a song or a jingle at the click of a button. It can even take control when there is nobody sitting in front of it. This means we can stay on the air twenty four hours a day 7 days a week.

The CD and record players are used to play specialist music microphone and other songs which are in our library but are not on the computer.

The studio has the facility to allow guests to speak on air, hence we have three microphones rather than just one for the presenter. The output from the studio is fed via a digital feed to the Premierline system throughout the hospital. We hope that this has given you an insight on how our programmes reach the bedside. If you would like to listen to Torbay Hospital Radio whilst you're in hospital, just switch to our channel in the radio section of the Premier Screen.