Are you a member of Co-op? Support us when you shop

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Co-op members have the option to choose a charity that Co-op provides a donation to every time that member shops at a Co-op store.

It’s an easy way for you to support us. Whether you’re grabbing bread and milk, a cheeky sweet treat or doing your weekly shop.

The money raised will go towards the modernisation of our studios. For instance, we are only a few grand away from the funds required to purchase a broadcasting desk for Studio 2. This will be used to record more shows and podcasts, train new members without them having to go live and use it when working with the local community.

How much we have raised to far

So far we have raised over £120. Our next target is to reach £500 by the end of March.

Could you help us reach our goal?

How members can choose us as their chosen Co-op charity

Find out more and choose Torbay Hospital Radio as your Co-op member charity here.