Torbay Hospital Radio are always looking for new members to join our great team of volunteers.

Torbay Hospital Radio has 2 volunteering roles – Radio Presenter and Radio Assistant. 

Radio Presenter: This is someone who has an interest in broadcasting a live program from our studios at Torbay Hospital for a minimum commitment of 1 hour per week, every week. (Most presenters produce a weekly 2-hour show)
We also ask that you attend a minimum of 10 hours’ worth of external fundraising events.

Radio Assistant: This is someone who helps in other aspects of Torbay Hospital Radio, such as fundraising, assisting at outside fundraising events, music library management,  and collecting requests from our listeners. We ask for a minimum commitment of 1 hour per week.

If you are interested in joining Torbay Hospital Radio in any of the above roles, there is a £25 per year membership fee and you get a free branded polo shirt!

This membership fee is to support the station, to show commitment towards the charity as well as include you in our insurance. The membership fee is renewed each March at our AGM.

We expect a level of commitment from our volunteers as you would in paid employment, and we have policies and procedures in place to protect the station and yourself which you must follow.

If you are interested in finding out more please complete the below application form – We hold our induction evenings on Thursdays between 7 pm-8 pm or 8 pm-9 pm. (After which we will bring you in to other shows broadcast throughout the week)

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