Welcome to Torbay Hospital Radio

Torbay Hospital Radio started in 1978 and we became a registered charity in 1995.

We are made up solely of volunteers and we provide a free service of music, requests and entertainment for the patients and staff within Torbay Hospital to try and help their time in hospital pass a little more easily.

We raise funds to keep our station going by providing Public Address and Commentaries, often broadcasting out of our bright yellow THR caravan at many of our local traditional outdoor events and fetes.

We are proud to say that we are one big happy team here at THR so if you do happen to see or hear us out and about at any of these outdoor events please do come and say hello.

We would like to wish all patients, their families & all our supporters a very big thank you from us all at Torbay Hospital Radio. 

Torbay Hospital Radio can be heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are a FREE service you can listen directly through your Premier Bedside System or via our website, it helps your time in Hospital go that little bit faster, because we broadcast 24/7 you can have a request or dedication whenever you want simply by giving us a call.

All of our presenters are volunteers - As we say "We're here for you".

We are a voluntary organisation dedicated to helping patients time in Torbay Hospital go that little bit faster by ward visiting and playing patients requests.

If you would like to know more and feel you have the time to join our great team of very dedicated volunteers, please contact us via the 'contact us' page. We would like to wish all patients, their families & all our supporters a very big thank you from us all at Torbay Hospital Radio. 

We would like to take the opportunity to Thank you all our supporters to name but a few:

Thanks to

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Message from our Chairman

Hello my name is Bob Myers and I am the current Chairman of Torbay Hospital Radio (Registered Charity No. 1053900)

I joined Torbay Hospital Radio (THR) in 1987 so I have just clocked up 31 years playing music and requests for the patients within Torbay Hospital and boy have I seen some changes in that time!, not least the fact that back in 1987 we had a maintenance allowance of £15.00 per year for replacement styli for our turntables as we mainly  played vinyl records at that time and the patients listened to us through what can only be described as glorified stethoscope earphones which plugged into a hole in the wall behind the patients bed.

Fast forward 31 years and we now have a computerised play out system with a music database of well over 10,000 songs, THRs output is broadcast all over the world via our website http://www.torbayhospitalradio.com and the patients listen to THR free of charge through nice clean headphones plugged into the Premier patient system screens or indeed through their own personal devices again via our THR website.

I must just add that we have kept our vinyl record collection and we still play vinyl records(Crackles and all) to the  the patients and the world on our two turntables within the studio from time to time,what i don’t know is exactly how much replacement styli cost these days but I’m guessing its a bit more than £15.00!?( i’m sure our chief engineer would know the answer to this)!!.

THR celebrated its 40th birthday last year and we held a couple of big events to mark this auspicious ocassion  where we invited local dignitaries and hospital executives as well as many of our friends,supporters and representatives of organisations for whom THR provides outside broadcasts and P.A.along to our studios to show them what we do and how there kind donations go towards keeping THR “On Air”

We are very proud at THR that we are so well liked and respected by so many people and organisations throughout Torbay and beyond and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and supporters for their continued support, but most of all I wanted to say a big thank you to our wonderful friendly team of members at THR for their loyalty,dedication and fellowship without which THR would struggle to survive.

Here’s to the next 40 years!!

Bob Myers

We are here for our listeners