Delivering Radios to Torbay Hospital

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Music on the wards at last

To all the people that have donated to the charity, this is what you have helped us to achieve. Your donations via our website and our outside broadcasts enable us to broadcast on 95.9 FM and help the patients to listen and join in with the shows. A special mention goes to Kevin Foster for his support in this venture.


We received a request from Joanna, from the McCalum ward to provide radios to entertain the patients, and Lee, the charity chairman delivered the first three with headphones on Saturday November 19th. This is the first of the new roll out to take place, to update and increase the number of radios that are already in the hospital, and has since been followed by delivering more to the Eye clinic, and the endoscopy clinic. We hope that these radios will entertain the patients during their visits.

We have many future projects planned to allow us to improve our support, including getting a second studio up and running, improving out outside broadcasting kit and we hope you can help us to achieve these goals.

We are all looking forwards to seeing you all at future events, and thanks again for your amazing generosity.